What does the settings mean?

Is there some place in the documentation where I can read about the various settings?

Along the same lines, I have a min cost flow problem where I’m reasonably sure the objective value and sum(x) (the only properties of the solution that are interesting) are integers in the optimal stage. Performance is important so how can I tweak the settings to speed up the run at the cost of solution accuracy?

The OSQP settings are documented here. You should probably take a look at eps_abs and eps_rel with which you can control the accuracy of your solutions. For more details on the algorithm termination criteria, see here.

Thank you.

The settings page only says what the settings are but I’m unable to figure out what they mean (what impact they will have on the solution/execution) based on that page.

I’ll try to tamper with eps_abs and eps_rel

I would suggest you then to read the accompanying paper to learn more about how the solver works.