Warm_start with mex interface emosqp

Thanks a lot for sharing OSQP, it’s really a great work !

After prototyping in MatIab, I generated code for my specific QP problem.
What is the equivalent of
prob.warm_start(‘x’, x0, ‘y’, y0);
using the mex interface emosqp ?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


As far as I can tell the mex interface doesn’t provide access to the warm start features of the C solver. The source code is here, and it seems only to support updating of problem data (e.g. costs and bounds).

I don’t see any reason why it should not be supported though, and it would probably only require a few extra lines. Could you make a feature request on github, or perhaps make a PR if you add it yourself first?

It was a matter of only 3 minutes to add the warm_start functionality in emosqp_mex.c
I will do a PR.

Thanks and best regards,