View Currently Stored Matrices / Vectors in OSQP() Object

Suppose that I set up an OSQP object (e.g. in Python):

m = osqp.OSQP()

m.setup(P=P, A=A, u=u) # For some appropriately defined P, A, u

After setup, does the object m have a method or attribute that returns what matrices / vectors it currently has stored? For example, being able to print out the currently stored values of P, A, u would be useful, but I can’t find any syntax letting me do this.

Use case: The documentation for updating only some elements of problem matrices (e.g. via m.update(Px=Px_new, Px_idx=Px_new_idx)) is a little difficult to understand. It would be nice to have some way to print the model’s matrices after updating them to check whether they were updated correctly.