Question about Problem Setup

I have read the document and the example QP, but I’m not quite sure whether the Hessian matrix(P matrix) is setup as upper-triangular matrix or lower-triangular matrix, it seems that it is set up as upper-triangular matrix, according to the data filled in row indices P_i and column pointers P_p. Someone please tell me which one is true.

Another question, are all matrices in column-major form or row-major form?

the link is below

Upper triangular. Sparse matrices are in compressed sparse column format.

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Thanks, one more question, for each of the column pointers in the p[] array, if that column is all zeros, then what will the pointer be? Pointing to the tail of the array?

Consecutive elements in the p array can be thought of as the position of the start of each column and one past the end. A repeated entry indicates an empty column.

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