OSQP en matlab2020b, ubuntu 20.10

I am trying to install OSQP on Matlab 2020b and ubuntu 20.10. Before I have been able in w10 and ubuntu 18.04 but I have not been able in the latest version of Matlab and UBUNTU according to instructions. Someone could help me?

It seems that you don’t have git installed on Ubuntu 20.10.

greetings and thank you very much for responding. You were right. However the installation is giving me this new error that I show you in the screenshot. Any idea how to solve this? I am not an expert in programming. I am just testing this very well accomplished solver for MPC. Congratulations on the work you have done. I’ll keep trying some things. If you have any solutions I would appreciate it.

Maybe this can help: https://stackoverflow.com/a/38896967