Error while compiling osqp solver


While running make_osqp, I am getting an error as ‘error using mex’. I have already installed MinGW and CMake.

Error using mex
C:\Users\Konduru\Desktop\10_07_2019\osqp-matlab\osqp_mex.cpp: In function ‘void mexFunction(int, mxArray**, int, const mxArray**)’:
C:\Users\Konduru\Desktop\10_07_2019\osqp-matlab\osqp_mex.cpp:298:51: error: cannot convert ‘OSQPData*’ to ‘OSQPWorkspace**’ for argument
‘1’ to ‘c_int osqp_setup(OSQPWorkspace**, const OSQPData*, const OSQPSettings*)’
osqpData->work = osqp_setup(data, settings);

It seems that you are not using compatible branches of osqp and osqp-matlab repositories. The new prototype

c_int osqp_setup(OSQPWorkspace**, const OSQPData*, const OSQPSettings*);

is used in develop branch, while master branch still uses

OSQPWorkspace* osqp_setup(const OSQPData*, OSQPSettings*);

Make sure you are using latest master branches in both osqp and osqp-matlab repositories.