Error in R osqpSettings function

hi there,

The R implementation of osqp via the sparse matrices in the Matrix package is fab. However, this is not quite right:

osqpSettings(eps_rel = 1e-6)
[1] 1e-06

ell ← 1e-6
osqpSettings(eps_rel = ell)
Error in as.numeric(l) :
cannot coerce type ‘symbol’ to vector of type ‘double’

Unf I cannot get into the underlying R code to see where the problem is.

Thanks, Jonathan.

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You have posted this question a really long time ago. Have you found the solution yet or not?

Sadly not, and unf the application where I was using the code has gone in a different direction.

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@JCRougier Feeling sorry for you. Sad to hear about it.