Building OSQP .DLL using Visual studio 2019 on Windows 10

Hi there,

I’m trying to build the OSQP .DLL on Windows 10 using Microsoft Visual Studio 16 2019, but I cannot seem to build the DLL in such a way that the API functions are exported.

To build the solution I follow the instructions as presented here.
The resulting osqp.sln file can then be opened in Visual Studio, and I can build the osqp.dll file succesfully (see figure).

However, I’m having trouble using the exported functions from the osqp.dll file.
Upon inspection, using DLL export viewer (which can be found here) , I found that there are zero functions exported.

How can I build the OSQP .dll in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 in such a way that the API functions of OSQP are exported?

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I found a solution to the not-exporting of functions!
One needs to specify which functions are exported as follows:

#define EXPORT __declspec(dllexport)
EXPORT void osqp_set_default_settings(OSQPSettings *settings);

The EXPORT keyword should be prepended to each function definition in the header (.h) file.

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